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Who We Are

Owned and run by the Livesey family, we are carrying on a family tradition that goes back over 170 years. We know and appreciate local customs and expectations, because we have served local families for years. Not all Funeral Services are as they appear. Many businesses have been swallowed up by conglomerates, which are devoted to profits, not to the community. They don't however change the name above the door.
The youngest member of the family is Oliver who, having only been born in 2004 is a little too young to be involved with the business, but who in time, along with Abbie his older sister, may be the seventh active generation!

The next generation up is Abbie's mum, Emma Finch Dip.FD, who has worked in the business for a number of years now. Emma's sister Claire also worked in the business until her sudden death following a tragic accident in 2004.

Their parents are Diana Finch (nee Livesey) and Martyn Finch Dip.FD. Martyn joined the family firm soon after his marriage and Martyn's brother Jeremy joined us in 1980. Diana has now retired from the business, although she is still on hand to help when required.
Diana's parents were Eric and Pat who will be remembered well by many local people. They started the modernisation of the business and Eric was extremely proud to have a new Chapel of Repose built in Horwich in 1971. Louis and Clara were Eric's parents and some people in Horwich will still remember them.
They saw many changes in the business; one of the greatest must have been the introduction of motorised transport instead of the horse drawn hearse and coaches.

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