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All funeral services supply the coffin, the hearse and the cars. What is different is the service you get from each firm. We try to provide a service which is second to none. We will treat you as we would like to be treated. We will treat your loved ones as we would like our loved ones to be treated.

When you lose someone close to you it is often hard to think coherently. Death always comes as a shock, even when expected, and when unexpected it can have a devastating effect. At this time you need someone you can trust, who will guide you to what you want, not what they want to sell you; who will help you to make the decisions, not make them for you. Someone who will give you advice when you require it, advice that you can believe in. Someone who will give you time to decide, who will listen to your concerns and through all of this will not interfere or be obtrusive.

Because we are independent we can offer you a unique service. You do not need to buy a funeral with a fancy name; you do not need to choose between just three or four options. You can have just exactly what you want for your loved one. We would never try to sell you something you did not want; nor something you could not afford. We will always give you our best service and our undivided attention.


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